The Buyers' Favorite Jewelry Design Competition 2012

DAI SUN JEWELLERY COMPANY LIMITED got “BEST OF THE BEST AWARD 2012” and "Championship in Free Style Category" with her masterpiece “Phantasma” in “Buyers’ Favorite Jewelry Design Competition 2012”.



“Phantasma” is made of 18K rose gold, opal, blue chalcedony, green sapphire and diamonds. The necklace shows the beautiful motion of mermaid, who is playing soul-stirring music with her tail. The excellent craftsmanship presents the spirit of the mermaid.



The first runner-up in the Buyers’ Favorite Jewelry Design Competition 2012-Ring Category: Loyal Love, was inspired by the love story of Cranes. The ring is simply made of 18K white gold and diamond. Through the motion of two loved Cranes tells the loyalty, honesty and everlasting of love.