JMA International Jewelry Design Competition 2014

Dai Sun Jewellery Co. Ltd (DSJ) ‘s Designer Mr. Vincent Ng won the Open Group Champion and the Best Craftsmanship Award in JMA International Jewelry Design Competition 2014 by their winning piece “Graceful Phoenix”. The Champion was won for the third year. The theme of the competition is “Colorful”. Jewelry can be created in different color, making your life more colorful.



Design Concept & Features: Phoenix with colourful feathers, the king of birds. Wearer can be stand out to accentuate their brilliance and personality.



Materials: A "Graceful Phoenix" Brooch features a Diamond, Sapphire, Ruby, Fancy Sapphire, Green Garnet and White Shell in 18K Rose Gold by "J Myths" design concept. (The Phoenix wing could be separated as an individual earring.)