JMA International Jewelry Design Competition 2013

DAI SUN JEWELLERY COMPANY LIMITED (DSJ) ‘s Designer Vincent Ng won the Open Group Champion and the Best Craftsmanship Award in JMA International Jewelry Design Competition 2013 by his winning piece “The Inheritance”. The Champion was won for the second year.



As the occasional of Hong Kong Jewelry industry, the JMA international Jewelry Design Competition is previously known as Buyers’ Favorite Jewelry Design Competition. It has been held for over thirteen years and attracted the designers all around the world. 



The theme of the competition is “Celebration in Joy”, “Reunion” and “Delight”. And the winning piece was named as “The Inheritance”. According to Vincent Ng, ‘Inheritance is the Chinese virtue, this naming can symbolize us this virtue can be inherited. In addition, “Lion Dance” is a form of traditional dance in Chinese culture. It brings good fortune to Hong Kong jewelry industry.’