In 2008, Dai Sun Jewellery company Limited started to concentrate on its image building, changing its traditional round-shape logo into simple short form “DSJ” to facilitate the entries into overseas markets. On the other hand, DSJ sticks to the word “credibility” as if from the very beginning, and believe that only through high quality service and products can DSJ maintain long term relationship with customers, which also explains our core value “Quality means value”. All these show the focuses of DSJ on each customer’s need.


Concerning the future development, DSJ continues its development in ODM business to welcome the challenges of changing trends and market demands, to improve its brand images, product design and service quality,we put quality and interest of customers in our first priority, and let customers experience the superiority.


In the aspect of staff training, DSJ believes that the professional knowledge and service quality of each staff are the most important intangible assets, therefore, DSJ provides its staff with professional courses, talks, discussion meetings regularly and takes part in Jewelry design Competitions, to improve their knowledge, market sense and competitiveness, ensure the high service quality comply with profession, gain the trust of customers and through development of friendship with customers to establish long term cooperation.